Top 7 Posts of 2014 + A Giveaway!

Sarah and I want to thank you for following us on Facebook, reading the blog articles, watching the videos, listening to the podcasts and replying with your great comments! You bless us.

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In 2015, Lord willing, we intend to continue to offer free content to you for your personal edification and to serve others. We’ve highlighted below just a few of the blog posts that received extraordinary traffic this past year. If you’ve never read these, please do.

We hope you have a blessed holiday (Holy Day!) and a Happy New Year.

Oh, did I tell you that we have a new granddaughter, Ada Joy Marie?  We are blessed!

7. Is It Wrong To Live Together Before Marriage?

6. 5 Possible Reasons A Wife Feels Her Husband Hates Her

5. The Impact of Seeking A Child’s Forgiveness

4. How to Love Again

3. Parent of Fear or Parent of Faith?

2. Do You React or Respond In Conflict?

1. Three Steps to Forgiveness


As I mentioned, did you know we also started a podcast? Each week my son (a clinical psychologist) and I discuss how Love and Respect can be played out in all relationships, whether in the family, the workplace or in marriage. Below are our top three most-downloaded podcasts since the launch last summer.

3. Six Statements That Inflame a Wife When She’s Already Upset

2. Learning to Love Again

1. The Crazy Cycle

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Live conference

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43 thoughts on “Top 7 Posts of 2014 + A Giveaway!

  1. I can’t say I have a favorite post! I like them all, even when they do not pertain to my particular situation. I share nearly every post, hoping to reach my married friends. But if I have to choose just one, it would be “Do You React or Respond In Conflict?” God has been dealing with me on this topic for a while now. I have my good days when I respond rightfully to everything… and then I still have more days when I react instead. I first read “Love and Respect” almost 6 years ago and my husband and I share it with everyone we can! Thank you you so much for writing that book.

  2. The Crazy Cycle was by far my most favorite podcast. Not only is it a great introduction to the background of Love & Respect, but it begs every listener to evaluate their marriage. So thankful for Love & Respect.

  3. I enjoy everyone of your podcast, I’ve sat in the webinar you did Dec 4th. Every post. I think I’m a love and respect addict. Honestly I havent Found a bad post,blog note yet. You guys encourage me in so many ways. Not only to be a better understanding wife but parent as well. Plus helped me to grow spiritually as well. I have a wonderful marriage, and I love being able to improve wonderful because of you guys. So with all that in mind my favorite podcast is actually when to not talk to your husband. Not only did I find this an extremely funny title but the most helpful understanding of men and the way they communicate the best. Thank you for the spiritual,parenting,marriage growth you have inspired and shown me.

  4. Mine was the one from FB on Christmas Day: Who Does He Think He Is? God? When I shared it, this was my comment: “The thing I think I love the most about the man in this video is that he is highly educated and was not raised in a Christian home – yet he still chose Jesus. Not out of sentiment. Not out of tradition or blind faith. But because he recognized Truth when he encountered it. If you’re not sure about all this Jesus stuff, I hope you will take a few moments to read the article and watch the video.” Thank you for L&R! January 11th, I am blessed to be leading my second group through the L&R 14-week conference series, and I’m hoping to help facilitate the Illumination Project later on this year. Thank you for all you guys do! Happy New Year!

  5. Golly it’s so hard to pick just one. However, I’ll go with, “Is It Wrong To Live Together Before Marriage?” I wish it was available in a little youtube video, but still, the article is a very useful resource to give to any friends that may have this burning question on their mind. As usual, in all of your articles, I like how you don’t make anyone feel bad or condemned, but simply bring forth the facts and scriptures to think about and ponder on. Thank you and God Bless all that you do! ♥

  6. Not sure which is my favorite….I like them all! I have been reading Love and Respect in the Family and a bunch on here. Its amazing how most every relationship hinges on Love and Respect. Thank you so much for all you put into this ministry! It has helped so much just in the short while that I have found out about it and been following. Sometimes I feel I can’t drink it in fast enough. God Bless y’all!

  7. Thank you for all u do. You have certainly been given a gift. My husband and I recently took the love and respect course through church. The crazy cycle…o the crazy cycle! Makes sense and after listening…..we applied your teaching and thank goodness the crazy cycle ended. Thanks again and God bless!

  8. The Crazy Cycle is a great podcast, I believe this is a great way to reach so many people because we have ALL been through that at one time or another. Thank you so much for all the great podcasts, books and conferences!!

  9. The “Love and Respect ” book is being studied by my husband and I and our LifeGroup with Marriage mentors. We could not be more blessed. I have enjoyed reading and then learning more by this page and it’s posts, articles and podcasts. Thank you and many more happy marriages in 2015! 🙂

  10. My favorite was “Does God See Our Tears” but from the list above my favorite was “Do you React or Respond in Conflict” I really like all of them though. Thank you for your hard work and ministery.

  11. I really enjoyed the podcast about the spiritual leadership of the husband. As a wife, I truly do yearn for my husband’s spiritual leadership. Great content, thank you for making it available.

  12. I look forward to the new podcasts each week! They are all informative and helpful. My favorite blog post would probably How to Love Again. Although my situation is reversed, it still offers hope that my husband can learn to love again. Reading the Love and Respect book has opened my mind to a whole new world and has led me to this great website that I enjoy exploring and I continue to find new and helpful words of wisdom. Thank you

  13. My favorite was the living together prior to being married as this is something I struggled with even though I knew what the bible stated in regards to this topic.
    After reading this my significant other and I met with our pastor and then in a few months he popped the question.
    Thankful for your post and for the conviction in our hearts to follow Gods word!
    You are a blessing to us!! Thank you!!

  14. 6 statements that inflame a wife when she’s already upset is one of my favorites but I’m grateful for all of them. Thank you

  15. I absolutely LOVED that you offered the free webcast!! My husband and I were able to take time out of our busy lives and watch them together. It also let us sit and talk about our situation afterwards and we were able to open up and share many things! I thank God for the work he’s doing and letting us stumble upon these books, webcasts, teachings etc. Thank you for all you are doing and I can’t wait to see what you bring in 2015!

  16. I don’t know the title if it, but the post was about how Christ is our prince on a white horse… and He is coming… and to not put that expectation on our husbands.

  17. I lover the who does he think he is podcast! Great stuff! I would be so blessed by anything you guys put out, this ministry is amazing.

  18. Parent of fear or parent of faith? My kids just as my husband mean a great deal to me.I’m a stay at home mommy,raising my two kids with unfortunately-since we are as Americans say:in another state(ours are provinces 🙂 without the close by help of our parents,their input,their advise.I miss a couple of months ago a friend shared on his timeline:love and respect.I read it.and felt the need to join the group as I so struggle with being a good wife and mom and I learned so much to the point that if I can’t read it immediately,I copy and paste and save it in a folder.for later!lol!and at night when I can’t sleep,I scroll through it and read it,and check myself to see how I can become a better version of me.God bless are appreciated.and thank you for making your God-given wisdom and knowlegde and understanding part of me and hundreds of married couples’s lives.I just pray that my husband would also love to read it and enjoy.blessed day to you.too many more years!sharing and caring and remaining blessed through it!

  19. They have all been great, and I look forward to a new one each week! I’m not sure that I can pick out a single favorite, as they all tie together as a lifestyle. I have been able to take away a positive from each blogvideopodcast and have learned a great deal about both myself, and my spouse, and am daily working to implement these ideals into our marriage. Thank you for putting a voice to things I have felt and to increasing my understanding as to how the crazy cycle begins, and hot to stop the spin and work toward the energizing and rewarded cycles.

  20. That is a hard one…. I love them all!!!! I started to listening to them and it was so rich! I can’t believe how ignorant i was on this issues. And now, it is time to transfert all these principles into practice! What a blessing from the Lord to open my eyes like this on these matters so i can pass them on to my husband AND 4 kids.

    This is the podcast that helped me a whole lot: if-a-husband-is-unrespectable-should-a-wife-show-him-contempt-and-disrespect
    It was kind of a slap in the face for me, but it gave me a light bulb moment!

  21. All of them!! My husband and I will be starting a small group study on Love & Respect this month! ! Looking forward to it!! Thank you for being obedient to God!

  22. I picked up Love and Respect for my wife and I for Christmas. After reading Chapter 1 and then listening to Episode 1 (The Crazy Cycle) of the podcast I could not wait to discuss it with her. I am excited to continue with the book and podcasts. Thank you for a tool / resource that is applicable to our marriage!

  23. Podcast 25. You guys really hit the nail on the head with that one. Thank you. I just started listening and I am in love with it already.

  24. The Love and Respect approach to marriage has been so helpful. It is each person in the marriage responsibilty for their part….it is hard to remember the important points such as my partner does not intentionaly do things that frustrate me…that is the devil making room in my marriage for something other than the love and comfort God had planned for it. Thank you Emerson for the great works that you do.