After The “Oops” Just Apologize And Make It Right — Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 116

When we miscommunicate, most people readily forgive when we ask them to forgive us. After all, they themselves have misspoken and have little interest in throwing stones. This is especially so when they see us making an honest mistake. What drives people nuts is when they feel that we spoke or wrote something that was designed to hurt or offend them, and we have no intentions of owning up to it, apologizing, and correcting our error. Join Emerson and Jonathan this as they discuss this topic and some examples of what to do if we hurt someone long ago. Also check out a recent publicized example of an apology HERE.

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After the Oops Just Apologize and Make it Right

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One thought on “After The “Oops” Just Apologize And Make It Right — Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 116

  1. We’re working through the book but the apologizing and moving on bit is proving to be more difficult than I expected. We are pre-marrieds and during a discussion he told me I hadn’t earned marriage. He said he misspoke, he meant that I had not been the woman he knew in the beginning and he was afraid to marry the woman I have become. My heart heard I have to earn his love to have the privilege of his proposal. I’ve never had to earn love, I’m blessed in that regard. This instance of the message not being delivered as intended isn’t being healed with his clarification.