4 Prayers That Will Impact Your Marriage – Love and Respect Podcast Ep. 036

Can prayer impact your relationship?  Emerson and Jonathan look at four areas where an individual or couple can invite God in. The Presence, Peace, Power, and Purpose of God are examined through four specific prayers and corresponding Bible verses.

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01:40—New to the Love and Respect Podcast? Check out all of the episodes HERE.

05:03—Emerson reviews last week’s popular episode.

09:20—Praying for God’s presence in your marriage, even in the midst of trouble.

14:30—Shaking your fist in the pursuit of peace vs. a thankful pursuit.

19:16—When you feel helpless in your marriage, you are stronger than you realize.

21:02—This is guidance, not a formula.

24:37—A life-giving word of encouragement to “Type A” people.

25:56—There is purpose for your marriage, whether you believe it or not.

30:22—This is your crossroad—which way will you go?

33:07—Emerson’s final word of challenge for you.

4 Prayers for Your Marriage

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