Do You Fear The Word Unconditional?

Wives, even though 1 Peter 3:1, 2 recommends unconditional respect as a way to win a disobedient husband, you may have fears giving your husband unconditional respect.

If so what might be one of those fears?  Please share it with us.

Do You Fear The Word Unconditional?

In Hosea 3:1, God calls Hosea the prophet to unconditionally love his adulterous wife. The Lord reveals that unconditional love qualifies as the best way to influence a wife to change her heart.

If such love proved effective for Hosea, how much more will a good willed wife respond to the loving pursuits of a husband?

What I Say Is Not What You Hear

Emerson paraphrases a well-known explanation of why and how we send messages in code and don’t communicate: “What I say is not what you hear, and what you think you heard is not what I meant at all.”

Emerson and Sarah almost get into a serious argument about who was listening to what on the radio. How did Emerson finally break the codes they were sending and stop the problem from escalating?

What I Say Is Not What You Hear

I was working on my computer and Sarah had the radio on in the next room. It was some kind of talk show and just loud enough to derail my train of thought. I yelled to her, “Are you listening to that?” There was no reply.

Mothers: Find Comfort in Looking to God

On Mother’s Day, as a mother you can find comfort in looking to God to help you in your parenting. 

How reassuring it is for us that Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as our Helper (John 14:16). I love His description. He is the Helper because we need help. How simple is that? And, it is okay to need help. It is most appropriate to echo the psalmist, “Let Your hand be ready to help me, for I have chosen Your precepts” (Psalm 119:173).

Mothers- Find Comfort in Looking to God

Will you ask God to help you because you have chosen to follow the precepts He reveals to you as a parent? 

How to Connect with Your Adult Son

Every mother wishes to connect emotionally with her adult son.

However, sons can be a bit more independent and distant than daughters, who stay more connected with their moms and not infrequently wish to live near their mothers or talk regularly with their moms. An adult son typically moves out and intends to start a family with a wife, and generally is more autonomous. Jesus said, “a man shall leave his father and mother” (Mark 10:7). This is normal for a young man to do.

How to Connect with Your Adult Son

However, this independence can cause some moms to wonder if she has done something to offend him or push him away when she does not hear from him or he doesn’t engage her at an emotional level when he is around.

Again, some of this is normal and mom has done nothing wrong. On the other hand, she may have unintendedly offended him. As I highlight in my book Mother and Son: The Respect Effect, the culture has shifted in its attitude toward boys as though there is something inherently wrong with males because they are not girls.