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Motivating Your Man God's Way: Discover One Word that Energizes Him to Love

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Motivating Your Man God's Way!  Sound intriguing?  Every wife we have met desires to motivate her man to be more loving. So what motivates a husband to love, and feel more love for his wife?  Dr. Emerson and Sarah Eggerichs discovered the secret and share it with wives in this simple guide.

Dr. Eggerichs says: "If there's one thing that we have discovered in our years counseling couples, it's that husbands really seem to lack motivation in this area! For instance, who primarily seeks out marriage counseling?  Who most often urges attendance at a marriage seminar? That's right - she does. We felt that this was the fundamental problem in many of the marriage difficulties we bumped up against."

So what does motivate a husband to love, and feel more love for his wife? Dr. Emerson and Sarah discovered a simple answer. By putting into practice the principles they discuss, you will actually be able to effect positive changes in your marriage, probably to an extent you have only dreamed about!

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