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Building Blocks Preview

Building Blocks Small Group Study Guide Preview

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Thank you for your interest in our NEW 6 Week Small Group Series!

Small Group DVD

We are excited to announce that our new small group DVD study, Building Blocks Vol. 1, is available now in our online store!

The new Building Blocks DVD series provides an opportunity for couples to go deeper into the life changing principles of Love and Respect.

Each 6 week study will feature Emerson unpacking five of the principles he presents at the Love and Respect conference. The 6th session will review all the principles, helping couples retain the information and maximize the potential for positive change in their relationship.

Volume 1 of the Building Block DVD series covers the following principles:

Week 1: Pink and Blue: Not Wrong, Just Different (39 min.)
Week 2: Hollywood or Holy Word? (25 min.)
Week 3: 80:20 Ratio (41 min.)
Week 4: Not Communication, but Mutual Understanding (33 min.)
Week 5: My Response is My Responsibility (39 min.)
Week 6: Stay the Course (25 min.)

Each DVD session begins with Emerson giving a 10-20 minute overview of the concept, followed by a short discussion time. Emerson then gives a 10-20 minute teaching on how to apply the concept to each of the 3 Love and Respect cycles (Crazy Cycle, Energizing Cycle, and Rewarded Cycle), followed by more discussion prompted by the study guide questions.

This series is designed to fit into a Small Group study or a Sunday School hour with a 6 week format for busy schedules. It's also user-friendly for couples to view on their own. The easy-to-follow study guide helps couples learn how to apply what they are learning in a very practical way.

We are excited about this Building Blocks series because it offers practical ways to incorporate the Love and Respect principles into your marriage. We are confident it will help you spend less time on the Crazy Cycle and more time on the Energizing and Rewarded Cycles!

What is the difference between our new Building Blocks Study and the current Small Group Study?

  • Our current small group package is a perfect fit for couples or groups that want to go thru the entire conference at a slower pace. It includes a complete version of our Video conference and a detailed workbook which is broken into a 14-segment study.

  • Each new Building Blocks study in this new series is designed to go deeper into 5 of the powerful principles from the Love and Respect conference. Emerson gives practical applications on how to incorporate the principles into each of the 3 Love and Respect cycles as they apply to your marriage.

Ordering Information:

  • Our Couples' Kit includes: The DVD's containing all 6 sessions, 2 Study Guides and 1 of our keepsake "Building Blocks" for $99.

  • Our Small Group Kit includes: The DVD's containing all 6 sessions, 12 Study Guides and 1 of our keepsake "Building Blocks" for $179.

  • Additional Study Guides are available for $10 each, or in packages of 10 for $80. Each person participating will need a Study Guide.

  • We are happy to provide you with a Leader's Guide that has all the information you will need to lead a successful small group study.  Simply email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

The Building Block series is the perfect fit for both the novice and experienced small group leader.

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If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).