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While directing my parents' Love and Respect Conferences for 2 years, I often heard people say, "I wish I would have known then what I know Now."  They would then ask, "Why did no one teach us this 20 years ago?"  I thought, "We need to get this information to my generation (Gen x and Millennium) so they won't say, ‘I wish I would have known then what I know now.'"  Thus, I call my site, Love and Respect Now.
So... I do research on 18-35 year olds: primarily single, newly married or sadly enough, newly divorced.  My website is a place to talk about the things I am observing. Also, I have a section called "Ask Me" which allows people to submit anonymous questions.

You will notice some silly stuff on my site. Sometimes amidst the heaviness that comes with broken relationships or desiring marriage when it just isn't happening, we need to have a little fun.  That's where my silly blog posts or games come into play.
First and foremost, my heart is to serve. I have always enjoyed male and female communication but my own brokenness and desire for Christ is what really pushes me to help my generation.  Hopefully this video will give insight on how I got here...

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